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jAlbum desktop application (for Windows, OSX and Linux)
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You don’t have to choose between full-featured, multi-level albums and easy integration. Enjoy both! With our high-rated web album generator – jAlbum – you can organize your images right on your PC and create fully customized web photo albums for your site.

Why use jAlbum desktop application?

Full control
Manage your photo collection right from your PC
Organize images into any structure you like
No limits
The album can be of any size
Tons of features
Use Google Maps, PayPal shopping cart, search, videos, and a bunch of other features

Once uploaded your jAlbum-generated album, use our WordPress plugin to insert a spectacular projector in your blog or company web page, or use our JavaScript library to do the same on any other site.

Why use jAlbum projector?


It’s Easy As…

  1. Create an album with the jAlbum desktop application. Simply drag and drop your photos onto jAlbum, organize them in any structure you like, add titles comment if you wish, and press “Make album”. jAlbum will create a web album on your hard drive. Once you are satisfied with the result press the “Upload” button to start uploading the album to your site (or you can choose our hosting service too).

    See how to use jAlbum

  2. Go to your WordPress page’s dashboard and add the plugin through the “Plugins” tab or get our plugin from here and upload to the “wp_content/plugins” folder. Don’t forget to activate it! From this point on a new button will appear in the editor in Visual mode jAlbum box – which can be used both for creating new projectors and editing the existing ones. After you’ve finished with the options click “Update” on the popup and “Update” the post (or page) too.

    jAlbum Bridge plugin tutorial

  3. Sorry, no more steps 🙂 – Enjoy the result!

Sample “Book” style projector.

Responsive skins

Offer the best experience for your mobile visitors too

Responsive web pages adapt to the visitor’s device capabilities – the screen size, orientation, mouse or touch handling – which gives your visitors the smoothest experience whether they come from desktop or a mobile. In jAlbum we’re adding new responsive skins from time to time.
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