Short code reference

Those keep with the old editor will have to provide the album parameters through short codes, as the settings window works only with the new Block Editor. A jAlbum Bridge short code looks like this:

[jalbum_bridge albumurl="" type="slideshow" transition="book" /]

Here you can find all the short codes and their default values:

AttributeMeaningDefault value
albumurlThe absolute or site-root relative path to the album (mandatory). 
alignThe projector width: center|wide|full, where “center” has the same width as the text
arAspect ratio – width / height – as percentage, e.g. 80(depends on type)
captiontemplateThe template for the image caption in HTML format. Available variables:
${label} – File name without extension
${name} – File name
${fileDate} – File modified date
${comment} – Comment added in jAlbum
${title} – Title
${fileSize} – File size
${category} – Category: image|audio|video|other
${keywords} – Keywords added in jAlbum
${rating} – Rating added in jAlbum
${location} – GPS location
captionplacementThe horizontal / vertical placement of the image caption, e.g. right middlecenter bottom
captionstyleThe color of the image caption: white|light|transparent|dark|blackdark
depthThe depth of album folder levels to gather images from. 1 = the top level only (or the given folder). The discovery will stop when the number of images reaches the required number of images.2
disablelinksBy default the projector will have links to images in the real album. By setting this attribute to true you can avoid generating these links.false
linktoindexBy default the projector will link to individual images in the album. If you turn this option on all images will link to the main page (or the subfolder if specified).false
folderThe initial folder the gathering of images should start. Leave empty for the top level album page!(empty)
gapTaken into account with grid type layouts: grid, masonry, mosaic, strip. Possible values: none|thin|small|medium|large|xlargenone
includeThe type and order of items to gather: images|folders,images|images,folders|foldersimages
layoutIn case of “slideshow” types this is the maximum number of images to gather. In case of “carousel” this can’t be bigger than 15. With grid-like layouts:
(default: grid-4-3)
masonry – number of cards: 5–100
(default: 17)
(default: mos-1-3)
strip – number of cards: 2–10
(default: 6)
(depends on type)
orderingOrdering of the images gathered original|date|date-reverse|name|name-reverse|size|size-reverse|randomoriginal
slideshowdelayThe length of time between transitions (= pause time) in milliseconds(depends on transition)
skipduplicatesThe projector is capable of skipping duplicate images (e.g. if the same is used as folder thumbnail). You can disable this behavior by setting this attribute to falsetrue
titletemplateThe template for the album caption in HTML format. Available variables:
${label} – File name without extension
${name} – File name
${comment} – Comment added in jAlbum
${title} – Title
${keywords} – Keywords added in jAlbum
titleplacementThe horizontal / vertical placement of the title, e.g. left middlecenter top
titlestyleThe color of the album title: white|light|transparent|dark|blackwhite
typeProjector type: slideshow|grid|masonry|mosaic|stripslideshow
transitionspeedLength of transition in milliseconds (type = slideshow only): 0–10000(depends on transition, typically 1000)
transitionTransition type (type = slideshow only): crossfade|zoom|kenburns|stack|slide|swap|carousel|flip| book|cube|coverflowslide