Add a jAlbum bridge projector to your site

  1. Edit the settings to your like.

  2. Copy / Paste the code below into your HTML page!

  3. Download the required files

    Place these files inside a folder named jalbumbridge in your site's top level – www or public_html – folder!

“Please note” section
  • This is a sample album and you will need to use your real album path instead of "/album/Nature".
  • If you are testing an album on your site, use an absolute URL (http://...) and you might need to modify your site's cross-domain policy to allow external access. (E.g. by placing this file into the web root folder. Do not overwrite the existing one, instead add the extra lines in this file.)
  • The code is based on HTML5 / CSS3 standards. In older pages the layout might be broken.
  • If your page contains modifications to basic HTML elements (CSS resets) that might affect the projector too.
  • The projector requires jQuery. If your page does not load it, you will need to add the following line of code above the jalbum.min.js line:
  • Supported browsers: all modern browsers. IE11: partial support (some 3D effects doesn't work, like Carousel and Cube). IE10 and below: broken.